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World is faster growing market and big adopters of new technology. There are many more mobile phones in India than there are people. By the end of 2015, more than 65% of people will own a Smartphone and that number will continue to grow rapidly. Just by walking around town or watching people on the bus, you can see that mobile phones are leading to big changes in the way we spend our time and interact not only with each other, but with business.

More than ever before, your customers are looking for products and services on their mobile phone. According to research from Google, more than 65% of Indian regularly use their phone for research and nearly 1 in 3 people have made a purchase on their mobile phone.

ProlificWeb team is mobile website design specialists and we ensure that your brand communicates clearly to your target market, by creating mobile web and multimedia products that interact with the viewer and provide a spontaneous user-friendly experience on a range of computer and mobile devices. Our mobile websites are designed and developed in accordance with the latest Web Standards, with highly effective Search Engine Optimisation options available. ProlificWeb also provides continuous support throughout the life of your website, ensuring that it reaches its full potential and is kept up to date. View some of our website design projects.




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