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ProlificWeb Technologies offers robust and easy to use Purchase Order Management Software that provides ability to create and manage sales and purchase process in real time. Cost-effective purchase management utility is specially designed to serve the needs of product selling market and provides the same benefits to large or more expensive purchase system.


Simple of use Purchase Order Management application program is used for small to large size business organizations that need to automate and streamline their selling and purchasing processes. Purchase Order Management Software first allows you to create a company record with its account details so that you can manage the sales and purchase order process for that company.


By using this highly interactive application program, you can easily manage the records of customers and vendors, and also manage items records which are sold, purchased or returned. Software facilitates to create invoice and receipt record for sales/purchase items, and generate various types of sales, purchase and item transaction reports for monitoring your business.


User interface purchase order management software allows you to manage and organize all sales and purchase related data. Easy to use application program provides security option with advanced authentication feature to manage sales/purchase order process in secure manner. PO management utility also facilitates with backup and restore feature to manage purchase order process without any fear of data loss.


User interactive and ready to use software enables all kinds of companies and organizations to organize and manage sales/purchase process information in an efficient manner and also useful for business managers, accountants and other invoicing staff to approve the sales/purchase process and control the customer and vendor balances.


Features and Benefits


Purchase Order Management Software is designed specifically to serve the needs of mid market by maintaining the sales/purchase order process in fast and easiest way.


Purchase Order Management Software facilitates with the following rich set of features and benefits for handling sales and purchase order processes:


·   Easy to use and interactive interface


Software facilitates with highly interactive user interface to easily maintain sales and purchase order processes, and enhance the user experience.


·   Affordable purchase order management solution


Software manages sales and purchase orders in cost-effective manner. Due to low cost, it is affordable by every layman user’s budget.


·   Creating various records in proper manner

o     Software allows you to create a Company for maintaining sales and purchase order.


Easily create the records of clients and vendors from whom products are sold or purchased. o Create item records along with price.


Create sales and purchase order records.Create quotation for sales order.


Create delivery order, invoice and receipt records. o Create client and vendor payment records.

o     Generate various types of sales/purchase reports.



Maximum reliability with single user interface


Software facilitates with single user interface because only one company is created on which you can work upon.


·   Search sales and purchase records


Software facilitates with “Search” option to easily search sales and purchase records. You cansearch Sales records by Quote, Delivery Order, Invoice, Receipt, and Deposit record. Also you cansearch Purchase records by Purchase Order, Purchase Delivery Order, Purchase Invoice and Vendor Payment record.


·   Facilitate with password protected feature


Software facilitates with better security option so that unauthorized user can not access the records.


·   Backup and restore facility


Software facilitates with backup and restores feature so that you can take backup of the database records and can overwrite existing records according to your need.


·   Generating reports


Software provides facility to generate various types of sales, purchase and other reports to view overall business transactions.


o     Sales Reports: Quote Report, Delivery Order Report, Invoice Report, Receipt Report and Deposit Report.


o    Purchase Reports: Purchase Order Report, Purchase Delivery Report, Purchase Invoice Report and Vendor Payment Report.

o     Other Reports: Item Transaction Report



·   Highly interactive printing layout of records


Software facilitates with interactive printing layout of records with various options including set title alignment, display company details etc.


·   Keep outstanding and complete purchase order records


Software allows you to keep outstanding and complete purchase order records so that you can easily manage the records.


·   Save time and efforts to organizing the records


Due to quickly accessing the records, software saves your time and efforts to organizing the records. It also serves the valuable purpose for businesses and manages the flow of revenue from the company.


·   Improve supply base management with control of vendors and items information


Software improves the supply base management and provides facility to centralized vendor information and performance data. By using software, you can view complete records of goods and services.


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