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Prolificweb Billing Software have the capability to Increases profitability by improving billing speed and accuracy with bar-codes, touch screen entry and schemes, provides complete financial and inventory management. Whether you're operating a single store or multi outlets, your goal is to effectively manage stock, cost and profitability. You do that by recording day-to-day transaction, i.e Purchase, Sales, Expenses, Customers Detail, Credit Card Transaction, Banking etc.
The retail software that provides quick answers to these questions:
  • What is selling and what is not?
  • How much stock you have at cost price and selling price?
  • How much you need to pay to supplier in coming week?
  • What is the gross margin your store is operating?
  • How is your funds utilized?
  • What kind of merchandise mix is right for you?
  • What customer wants and are they loyal to you?
  • What is your stock holding cost?
Product Features 
  • Universal Bar-code based POS for fast billing.
  • Error free stock-in using standard GS1 bar-code.
  • Reduce shrinkage with security and loss prevention.
  • Real-time view of inventory levels to control stock holding cost.
  • Fast Moving, Slow Moving and Dead Stock
  • Scheme and Promotions to liquidate slow moving inventory
  • Multiple levels of robust security

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